Leading the Digital Resolution

What is AdTruth

AdTruth is changing the rules. While 99% of companies believe achieving a single consumer view is important to their business, only 24% of companies say they have a single customer view today*. In order to capture this single consumer view, marketers need the ability to identify, link and engage audiences across all digital touch points. And that’s what AdTruth is empowering its customers to do in two fundamental ways: by implementing our device recognition technology and the process of digital identification resolution.

Enhance your ability to identify audiences

AdTruth's Statistical Device Recognition

The first step is to identify a consumer across all media channels, devices, access methods & sessions. When implemented into your ad tech stack, AdTruth’s device recognition technology deploys a globally privacy compliant statistical ID that functions where cookies and other identifiers fail. Not only are you expanding your audience visibility, you’re gaining the ability to de-duplicate audiences associated with different identifiers that lead to mistakenly identifying the same person as multiple individuals.

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Providing Comprehensive Digital Identification Resolution

What is digital Identification resolution?

It’s the process of recognizing and linking disparate identification and data elements or signals from multiple sources, and reconciling the information to correspond to a single device/individual, or a group of devices utilized by a single person or household.

Digital Identification resolution is how AdTruth facilitates a cohesive and actionable consumer view throughout the customer lifecycle across the entire digital ecosystem while adhering to consumer privacy standards globally.

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*Source: Experian Marketing Services 2014