How We Can Help

We can help you recognize your audience across any internet-connected device – whether a laptop, mobile device or even a smart TV. Of course performance tracking is important; however, with AdTruth marketers can do a whole lot more.

Targeting. Enabling advertisers to better target their ads and deliver relevancy based on demographics, past behavior, and context for higher ROI.

Retargeting. Enabling and improving online audience targeting across any internet-connected device to enable more efficient advertising spend with respect to consumer privacy.

Frequency Capping. Identify the frequency at which your audience is exposed to your ads to make smart decisions on capping impressions.

Data Enrichment. Allowing data to flow across the ecosystem and help monetize more ad inventory at higher rates.

Analytics. Giving advertisers the ability to help link more digital activity to recognized devices over a longer period of time to improve analytics and media attribution research.