How We Are Different

Leader in Device Recognition

On-Premise Software. AdTruth is installed on-premise. This saves precious milliseconds spent on server-to-server communication.

Privacy-By Design Approach. AdTruth takes a privacy-by design approach and does not collect any personable identifiable information (PII) AdTruth is the first device recognition technology to receive the TRUSTed Data Collection Certification from TRUSTe. We respect consumer privacy and choice and protect our clients globally as a result.

Tagless Solution. AdTruth is a tagless solution and does not leave any residue on the device. We do not use any eTags, GUIDS or any pasteboard identifiers.

Scalable and Flexible Platform. AdTruth is built to enable a variety of online marketing use cases beyond performance tracking and works across all types of internet-connected devices and their advertising traffic. The solution is flexible to meet the need of your business and can scale to identify billions of impressions.

Proven Success in Both Desktop and Mobile Web. AdTruth’s patented device recognition technology is built on over 8 years of research and development. We have seen proven success in both desktop and mobile vs. cookies with increased device recognition 20% on web, 200% on mobile. Increased device tracking longevity 98-100% (~59 days).

Bridge Mobile Web & App. AdTruth allows marketers to recognize users across mobile web and app enabling more effective tracking technology while fully respecting consumer privacy.