Smart Device Identification. As current advertising technologies such as cookies and unique device identifiers lose their effectiveness and are being scrutinized for their consumer privacy compliance – AdTruth’s trusted device recognition technology  proves to be both effective and consumer friendly across both desktop and mobile web and apps.

AdTruth allows premium advertisers and publishers to maintain user anonymity while collecting the intelligence they need to drive performance and reach their target users – the best of both worlds. AdTruth is a foundational tool that works with your existing technology to identify, target and track users across mobile web and app while upholding consumer privacy and choice.

Digital marketers can now recognize more returning devices than cookies while extending the visibility and transparency regardless of web or mobile platform.

AdTruth fills the gap where cookies do not perform, resulting in a more intelligent online experience for both the digital consumer and marketer.

Recognize:  Identify users across mobile web and app, Target: Target efficiently and at scale, Track: Track effectively and manage frequency